Little Rainbow Row

Little Rainbow Row

The area of town known as Little Rainbow Row is a collection of shops and eateries in the heart of the Village of Flat Rock. Specifically, you’ll find The Wrinkled Egg, the anchor of Little Rainbow Row, at the intersection of Hwy. 225 (Greenville Hwy.) and W. Blue Ridge Rd along with the Flat Rock Village Bakery, Hubba Hubba Smokehouse and Hubba Hubba Catering, Sweet Magnolia Gallery, the Cherry Cottage and, in season, the Flat Rock Tailgate Market. Everyone seems to love this quaint little corner and what’s not to love?

Good Food

With the brightly colored shops and whimsical artwork and signage, it’s impossible to leave the row without a souvenir and a smile. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult to leave without a full belly. Not only can you fill up on breakfast, lunch and desserts at the Flat Rock Village Bakery but you can also settle your hankering for barbecue at Hubba Hubba Smokehouse. Even a vegetarian’s mouth will water when the aroma of smoked meat wafts by. Just look for the giant rusty rooster adorning the top of the tin roof and follow your nose to the source.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the bakery and you can dine inside or out.

Outside, brightly colored umbrellas adorn an ample deck. The best spot, however, is under a picnic table beneath the large magnolia tree out back. A hole in the deck is just large enough to let the trunk through and the area is heavily shaded by the large branches. Many days, children can be found collecting the flowers and seeds from beneath the tree. From this location you can easily enjoy your company as well as take in some of the folk art available for sale – including several antique doors with life-sized cows painted on them.

Wooden rockers adorn the front entrance to the shops along the row and something is almost always in bloom in the large planters on the sidewalk. You might be tempted to rest a spell (Southern-speak for plopping down in your choice of chair and watching the day pass by) but resist the urge – for now. As soon as your hand clasps the old door handle on the paned-glass door and your foot touches the worn wood floors you’ll step into a less-hectic, worry-free place and time.

The Wrinkled Egg, originally opened to appeal to all the families in town dropping off their campers for the summer, now offers an eclectic mix of local artwork, toys and games and a healthy helping of trinkets no woman can resist. Trust us! It’s become a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike and it makes an especially nice stop for women out shopping as part of a girls getaway.

Housed within the same building as the Wrinkled Egg, you’ll find “Chicken Little”, an upscale clothing shop for kids. Of course amid the clothes there are also plenty of items for kids-at-heart to be found in the fun fruit basket displays which brim with toys, games and knick knacks. Be sure to stop in and visit with the permanent residents of Chicken Little – an adorable live bunny rabbit and busy chattering finches.

Located adjacent to the Wrinkled Egg is the periwinkle blue clapboard building housing the Sweet Magnolia Gallery.

The lime-green building (formerly home to Bessie’s Cottage) is now the catering building for Hubba Hubba Smokehouse. Busses can pull alongside the building, unload and then travel a block down to drop guests at the Flat Rock Playhouse or Carl Sandburg Home NHS. Be sure to check out Hubba Hubba’s catering offerings on their site.

Rounding out Rainbow Row is “The Cherry Cottage”, a bright red building housing Portraits, Inc., which works with 80 portrait artists to create commissioned works for corporate, military and academic clients.

Little Rainbow Row offers just a sampling of the shops and attractions available in the Flat Rock and Hendersonville area. Be sure to visit other local merchants while in town.